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Coaching Staff 2021-2022

Athletic Director:  Ana Umana 

Varsity Black Head Coach:  Stephen Spurlock Sr. 

JV & Conditioning Coach:  Stephen Spurlock Jr.

Coach Ani is serving in his fifth year as the varsity coach and head coach of TACA Storm Basketball. As the CEO of a NCAA approved basketball scouting service, Ani brings much knowledge, experience, and passion to coaching and homeschool basketball. His clients include universities from the Big 12, SEC, and over twelve Division 1 conferences. Most importantly, Ani's faith and ​life experiences give him tools for player development. Under his leadership, TACA Storm's Varsity team has been named: Division II-B Regional Champs (2018), National Small Program Division II-C Runner-Up (2018), National Small Program Division II Champions (2019), District Champions (2020), Division I Champions (2020), East Coast National JV Champions, & Varsity Runners-Up (Division 6A).  On January 26, 2022, Coach Ani reached his 100th varsity win.   

Stephen Spurlock Jr is an entrepreneur, founder of Destined4Greatness Foundation. A non-profit dedicated to uplifting and empowering young people by providing educational resources and experiences necessary for their advancement in society. In addition, the foundation provides a competitive sports program that fosters athletes for life on and off of the playing field. As a coach, Stephen has coached a multitude of ages, both boys and girls, on the travel basketball circuit and for HS summer leagues. As a student athlete, Stephen has played at the Division 1 and Division 2 level, while acquiring his Bachelors of Arts degree with a focus in Information Technology.

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